MY STYLE

      My goal for your wedding photography is to create images that capture your unique personality and show you looking absolutely amazing. But my goal is more than just capturing pretty pictures.

      At every wedding there are fleeting moments—often unnoticed by the bride and groom—where people connect, open themselves, and for an instant we see them as they truly are.

      We see love, humour, quirky playfulness, that one expression they do that we love so much.

      In that moment we fully connect with them. And through their photo we continue to feel that connection down through time and across distance.

      My goal is that you will receive, not just photographic art that shows you looking amazing and uniquely you, but also that years from now you’ll be able to look at your wedding photos and remember exactly how you felt during those moments.

      That is my goal and style all in one.

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      MEET ME

      Hi, I’m Mark. That’s me in the photo, holding a camera so you know I’m a photographer.

      I have been photographing weddings since my first one in 2003 and I still love the crazy-connected-fun of every wedding I shoot.

      I’ve recently moved back to Sydney, Australia, where I grew up, after spending a bunch of years overseas. I’ve photographed weddings and held workshops around the world, but it’s great to be back in Oz, with the fires, snakes, and drop bears.

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      I love Chinese pre-wedding-ceremony pranks. I can’t pick just one that I have laughed the most at, because they’re all hilariously awesome. But one that comes to mind is when the groom had to put, uh, let’s say rubber protection on a banana using only his mouth. And the banana was being held between the legs of the best man. One couple’s wedding gifts included a brand new Ferrari.  Photographing a wedding ceremony at an ice castle on a frozen lake in -36 degrees. Yes, the bride still wore a wedding dress! When the couple jumped in a lake, between their wedding ceremony and reception. Photographing the first ever traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony in Alberta, Canada. So much to photograph! I got up at 4 AM and got home at 2 AM the next morning. The couple who got married on a country farm and were so laid back that they didn’t have a set schedule for the day. “When’s the ceremony starting guys?” “Oh, you know, when it looks like everyone’s here.” ↓ SCROLL DOWN ↓


      The bride’s father had unfortunately died of cancer when the bride was still young and single. He had always wanted to see his daughter get married, but he knew he would never be able to.

      So he wrote her a letter and gave it to her mother, without ever telling his daughter, to keep it a surprise.

      During the wedding reception, the bride’s mother got up and read the letter out. It was her father’s speech to her, kept secret by her mother for this moment. No one knew it was coming and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

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      I love nature and am in it as much as possible, whether it’s walking in the bush or swimming in the sea. You’ll notice that a lot of my photography incorporates the beauty of the world around us. I love songwriting and playing music. When I was younger I was in a band that won a Battle of the Bands in Brisbane. After a long day photographing your wedding I’ll get a second wind when the reception music starts. Don’t judge my dancing. I love travelling and exploring new places. So far I’ve been to 14 countries. I like immersing myself in the culture, rather than just being a tourist. Ask me about my naked sauna experiences in Europe. Before my daughter was born I was impatient for her to grow up, so we’d be able to talk and do things together. I expected that her early years would be more about looking after her than enjoying our time together. I was wrong. The moment she was born I loved her, simply because she existed. Being a father made me appreciate love so much more. I now take this appreciation with me to weddings, noticing all the ways that people show love and what is special to them. When I met my partner I more fully understood what it meant to love someone so much that they felt like a part of you. Photography became more about capturing that connection between people and not just creating art.