MEET ME

      Hi, I’m Mark. That’s me in the photo.

      I photographed my first wedding in 2003 and since then I’ve photographed everything from food for restaurants to classic cars for calendars, but my main passion is photographing people.

      I love to bring out the special connection between families and friends. For me, life is about meaningful connections, fun, and the celebration of the little things that make us all unique.

      Every shoot I do is a collaboration — my creative input plus the personalities of my clients, coming together to form a cohesive whole that means no two photo sessions or weddings are exactly alike. And why should they be? No two people are exactly alike.

      My goal is for you to feel and look your best and to capture your authentic emotions, so years from now you can look at your photos and, not just see yourself looking amazing, but also remember exactly how you felt in that moment.

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      I love nature and you’ll notice that a lot of my photography incorporates the beauty of the world around us.

      Music runs through my veins. I recently joined a band, just for fun, and after a long day photographing your wedding I’ll get a second wind when the reception music starts. (Don’t judge my dancing).

      So far I’ve been to 14 countries. I enjoy immersing myself in the culture, rather than just being a tourist. (Ask me about my naked sauna experiences in Europe).

      Before my daughter was born I was impatient for her to grow up, so we’d be able to talk and do things together. I expected that her early years would be more about looking after her than enjoying our time together. I was so wrong. The moment she was born I loved her, simply because she existed. Being a father made me appreciate love so much more and I now take this appreciation with me to shoots, noticing all the ways that people show love and what is uniquely special to them.

      Thanks for reading. If you have questions or would like to start the ball rolling, drop me a note through my contact form.