Bec and James had planned their wedding for April this year, but nearly at the last minute COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. The restrictions meant they couldn’t go ahead with their wedding the way they’d dreamed.

      What were they to do now, with a maximum of five people for their wedding day?

      They made the best of a sticky situation, choosing to go ahead and get married, then have another wedding day with their guests once the restrictions were lifted.

      Bec and James were clients of my good friend and fellow photographer James Day and they asked him if he’d take portrait photos of just the two of them on their wedding day, after their small ceremony. He was happy to do so and invited me to shoot alongside him.

      James and Bec were awesome. They’d made the choice to make the best of this day despite the restrictions and they were happy and clearly in love.

      We photographed them just south of Sydney, close to the Royal National Park. The natural light around sunset was gorgeous and gave a wonderful golden glow to their images. They’re both avid hikers, so we made sure to capture photos of them in the woods together.

      Photographing these two during the COVID restrictions reminds me of photographing elopements, where you pretty much just have the couple in a beautiful location and spend time creating cool photos and memories for them without any distractions.

      Here are a handful of my favourite photos. As you look through them it’s clear to see how in love and happy Bec and James are.