Welcome to my all-new site! As you can read on my About Me page I’ve relatively recently returned to Australia after several years of living and working overseas.

      I got back just in time for this:

      Woman at Beach During Sydney Fires

      Phone pic of my partner during the 2019 Sydney fires.

      Since this is my first blog post on my all-new site, I thought I’d start by listing some of my favourite wedding photos from over the years. I’ve been a pro wedding photographer since 2007, so there are way too many photos to choose one from every wedding, but I’ve grabbed a small selection to show you, with a quick comment about why I like each one.

      So grab a drink and check out a handful of my fave images! (From oldest to most recent).

      These are from my very first shoot as a solo pro wedding photographer.

      It was a Trash the Dress session. For Trash the Dress sessions, photographers would take couples and pose them without worrying about the dress getting dirty. You’d have brides lying on logs, brides lying on a sandy beach, brides lying on rocks—basically, brides draped on pieces of the landscape.

      I wanted to do something more dynamic, with energy.

      In the second photo a storm was rolling in and we were about to pack up, but I asked Trina to jump off a pier into the lake, for one last photo.

      At first she was hesitant, but I got into the water and bobbed around with my camera (anything for the shot) and encouraged her into taking a running leap. She went for it! This photo ended up being her favourite and she got it printed large for her wall.

      This is from a Greek Orthodox wedding and their ceremonies can feel very loooong for little flowergirls. I love her expression. A lot of adults feel the same way!

      As I was taking a quick portrait of the groom and his brothers, their father came out of the bathroom and ‘conducted’ them by waving his hands around.

      Pants or no pants? I’ll leave that up to your imagination (sorry).

      Kids can be hard to get candid photos of these days, because they’re used to their parents telling them to look at the camera.

      I camped next to this little girl during the wedding ceremony for five minutes to get this shot of her with the wedding party reflected in her sunglasses.

      I kept pretending to not look at her while I took photos of everything else and when she finally stopped posing I quickly captured this image.

      Kara asked for a photo of her lacy wedding-night panties, so I asked her to hold them up. I loved the bold, bright colour of the yellow wall with her red hair and green eyes. I also love that you can tell she’s smiling, even without seeing her mouth.

      This room was dimly lit, cluttered with tables and chairs, the ceiling was stained, and there was an old, dark carpet. But I saw the wall inset and knew exactly how I wanted the photo to look.

      I still love the way Sandra pops out in this image.

      At every wedding there are moments that play out behind the scenes that almost no one notices. In this image, the maid of honour had stepped into a doorway to read a card the bride had left for her and started crying.

      Meanwhile, the bride is helping her bridesmaid put an earring in, with no idea of the emotional response happening just a few feet away.

      I love capturing moments like these, because the couple gets to see different moments from their wedding day that they didn’t notice at the time, and through the photos they can relive their wedding with new eyes.

      Bride Seeing Herself in Mirror

      Couples sometimes ask me if they should have photography of the getting ready time. This is one of the reasons why.

      When you see yourself in the mirror for the first time with your dress on, hair and makeup done and veil going in, and it all suddenly hits you—today you’re getting married.

      I love this quiet moment as Melissa’s mother did up her dress. I noticed that her hair had fallen around her face in a way that allowed me to still see through part it, so I moved around until I could see her eye and took this photo.

      Crying Groom with Cherry Blossoms
      Bride and groom dancing alone

      Dan received a gift and card from his soon-to-be wife and burst into tears. I only had a brief moment to catch his reaction before he looked up and joked with me.

      “My eyes are watering from my allergies!” he exclaimed and we laughed.

      In the second image, I love the romance of the couple dancing alone in an open public space. I used lighting to spotlight them and really bring them out of their surroundings to accentuate the vibe of the two of them together.

      Dan told me later, “This image is totally us! I’m looking down at my feet as Cait [a professional ballet dancer] laughs.”

      This wedding had a bouncing castle “for the kids”. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get the wedding party in there. Fortunately, they were a fun bunch and really got into it. At one point we tipped it over! Good times. Every wedding should have a bouncing castle.

      This wedding had an outdoor reception and for this photo I turned off my flashes to capture silhouettes of everyone standing around chatting. I love the minimalistic look and how each silhouette is clear.

      Bride and groom kissing in lake

      In the first photo, I love how the mirrors give a reflecting-to-infinity look and also the expression on the bridesmaid’s face as she’s watching the bride get her hair done. Plus, there’s the wedding dress hanging up nearby, which just pulls everything together nicely.

      Shawna sliced the sabre down the neck of the champagne bottle, sending the cork and tip of the bottle flying. I photographed the cork and tip of the bottle in mid-air, which is pretty cool.

      The third photo was taking in a fancy spa resort, in a particularly steamy sauna room. I left my camera gear outside the room to pose the happy couple, then had about half a second to get the shot after I walked back in before my lens fogged up.

      I love the drama of Shawna and Ryan kissing in the lake as dark storm clouds roll in. To me it says, “We’re passionately in love and nothing else matters!”

      I love the single tear at the corner of the bride’s eye as she finishes getting ready and it’s all sinking in that she’s about to walk out of the room and marry the love of her life.

      I love this quiet, meaningful look shared by the groom and best man. I like that there’s nothing cluttering the frame and you can focus on their expressions.

      Any guesses as to how I made this image? It’s not Photoshop. 🙂

      Here’s something different: A wedding image and a behind-the-scenes photo.

      In the first image I love how the light rays behind them form a kind of halo and the stunning mountain backdrop.

      In the second image you see Susan and Krister as they slog through the snow to where we did the first photo, with my assistant in the background.

      This is a single exposure, not Photoshopped.

      My assistant was inside the room with the bride and groom, holding a flash to equalise the exposure between the inside and outside, so you can see them in the room and also the reflection of the surrounding mountains outside. /photogeekery

      Chinese tea ceremonies are some of the most challenging things to photograph for a wedding photographer, because they are often fast-paced and have so many important moments.

      I really enjoy them, because they provide awesome opportunities for open emotions like this.

      The second photo was taking in a busy suburban street that had parked cars and ugly orange roadwork traffic cones and signs everywhere. But the trees and light were beautiful, so I lay on the middle of the road to capture the laughing wedding party and crop out the rest.

      I love this touching, funny moment between the bride and groom. He’s crying during the reception speeches and she wipes his eyes with the tablecloth, making him laugh.

      Photo taken for James Day

      I was rushing from the bride getting ready to make it to the groom in time. As I left I saw this scene and took a quick photo as I passed by.

      The bride has ducked her head down to look in the mirror and you can see the hairdresser’s face above her.

      Laughing same-sex wedding brides

      This photo is all about the light! Oh, and the happy laughter. 🙂

      So there you go! A handful of my current fave images (which may change later).

      For more of my work check out my portfolio here. If you want to see any complete weddings, feel free to send me a note via my contact page.