I have known Zac for longer than anyone else in his life other than his family. So when he told me of his engagement to Kim I had to be their wedding photographer! And it was a real privilege to be a part of their wedding day. 

      It’s always an honour to be a part of the connection and closeness shared by a happy couple and their family and friends, but when you actually know them it brings this to another level.

      Their wedding was held at Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, just a quick plane trip up from Sydney for me. 

      One great thing about Surfer’s Paradise, other than the gorgeous white sand beach, is that everything is within walking distance. I loved being able to walk from venue to venue on the wedding day and not worry about parking the car and so on. Zac and his brother got ready at Pepper’s Soul; Kim and the girls got ready at Q1; and the ceremony and reception were held at The Island.  

      The Island resort at Surfer’s Paradise made for a wonderful wedding venue, with a lovely covered courtyard area for the ceremony and a chandelier-lit room with big windows overlooking the Gold Coast for the reception.  

      The ceremony was officiated by Rachel Johnson, who was friendly, professional, and always smiling—she wasn’t just a part of their wedding day, she truly added to it.

      Zac is an electronic engineer and not given to displays of emotion, so the fact that I could photograph him with tears in his eyes several times on their wedding day shows just how much Kim means to him. I particularly like the wedding ceremony photo of Zac with tears welling up as he seeing Kim walking down the aisle and Zac’s brother Guy looking over at Zac. And then their father looking up at Zac with tears in his own eyes at the same time. It’s a beautiful shared moment.

      Kim’s own eyes weren’t exactly dry by the end of the ceremony and if you look closely you can see happy tears still on her cheeks as she hugs Zac after they’re announced as man and wife. 

      The ceremony and family photos had us running late for the bride and groom portraits, which actually worked out perfectly: Had we been on time we would have missed the amazing sunset on the beach. When you scroll down, check out the incredible colours in that sunset! And this was without a view of the western horizon! The sky just filled with colour everywhere. 

      Zac is a long-time BMW fan—both he and Kim drive BMWs—so they had sexy BMWs for the bridal party transport instead of the typical limousine. Of course, we had to get photos with the cars! 

      Back before the wedding day itself, when we discussed the wedding portrait photos, I suggested going onto the beach. At first, they weren’t super keen. 

      Zac said, “I hate getting sand on my feet and then you put your sandy feet back into your socks and walk around like that all night.”

      Fair point. 

      So I mentioned a few benefits to beach portraits and also brought a cloth for them to wipe their feet. They were happy with that, which was fortunate, because the sunset on the beach was stunning! 

      At the reception, every speech was heartfelt and peppered with humorous little anecdotes about the bride and groom. Zac’s speech was the wittiest groom’s speech I’ve ever heard, but also touching and filled with love—mostly for Kim’s dog, but still. These things are important.  

      Quirky hairdresser photo through rollers.
      Black and white wedding photo of flower girls watching bride get her hair done.
      Groom's face wrapped in towel for wedding day shave.
      Groom and his brother the best man laughing and joking while getting ready before wedding on balcony at Pepper's Soul resort Gold Coast.
      Close up of wedding dress details, hanging on yellow wall at Q1 apartments, Gold Coast.
      Beautiful bride smiling with blue and yellow walls behind her in a Q1 apartment, Surfer's Paradise.
      Father of groom and flower girl putting on shoes at the same time.
      Bride and her father walk down aisle at wedding ceremony at The Island resort on the Gold Coast.
      Groom cries seeing bride walk down the aisle while his brother watches.
      Groom's father cries while looking towards groom during wedding ceremony at the Island on the Gold Coast.
      Overview of wedding ceremony vows at the Island resort Gold Coast, Queensland.
      Bride saying her wedding vows at the Island resort Gold Coast, QLD.
      Bride and groom holding hands during wedding vows.
      Groom saying his wedding vows at the Island resort on the Gold Coast and people laughing.
      Mother of the groom crying during wedding vows at the Island.
      Bride putting gold wedding ring on groom's finger during ceremony.
      Bride and groom's first kiss during wedding ceremony.
      Bride and groom hug after wedding kiss and bride sheds tears.
      Wedding day portrait of bride and groom with BMW cars.
      Bride and groom laughing on Surfer's Paradise beach, Gold Coast, with yellow sunset.
      Wedding portrait of bride laughing and pulling face on Surfer's Paradise beach, Gold Coast, with stunning yellow and purple sunset.
      Wedding portrait of bride and groom on Surfer's Paradise beach, on the Gold Coast, QLD, with stunning vivid sunset with orange and purple clouds.
      Wedding day portrait of bride and groom at Surfer's Paradise beach, with high-rises in background and purple and yellow sunset with clouds.
      Bride and groom cleaning sand off their feet after beach wedding portraits on Gold Coast.
      Wedding portrait of bride and groom at Surfer's Paradise Asian mural.
      Wedding portrait of bride whispering to groom with Asian mural on wall behind them.
      Father of bride cries during wedding reception speeches, bride and her mother encourage him.
      Groom, best man, and bride laugh during wedding reception speech.
      Groom's brother with his hand on his shoulder, showing family love, during wedding reception speeches.
      Bride cries and maid of honour laughs during groom's wedding reception speech.
      Creative and stylish wedding portrait of the bride outside main elevator at The Island resort, Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast.
      Wedding portrait of bride and groom laughing on couch, with off-camera flash.
      Wedding portrait of bride that looks like a classic painting. Accidental renaissance.
      Bride and groom laughing while cutting their wedding cake during the reception.
      Bride shrugging and holding wedding shoe in air during shoe game at wedding reception.
      Bride and groom smile during first dance.